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Welcome to STCeducation

STCeducation is a student-centered, future-focused institute. Creativity, critical thinking, and character growth are at the core of our program. We’re committed to doing what it takes to prepare our students for tomorrow! Since its founding, STC has developed vigorous, ethical thinkers, who are ready to put their education to practical use for the betterment of humanity.As you know planning is the key of success, so we always make planning and follow it. we conduct Test-series in a systematic manner before Board/University exams to equip the students with the right techniques they must follow to ensure an excellent performance in writing their answers at the Board/University exams. STCeducation strongly believes that the best is yet to come , and is always ready to reach higher levels of excellence.

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What Students Say

What our students said about STC.

STC is totally an innovative and resourceful initiative to bridge the gap between educational institutions and the real world. All the guidance students require to excel in their respective fields and to develop their interest in entirely new facets of life, STC is the right place for them.


This is really a good institute. Faculty of this institute is very much talented which helps you to make a good career.


STC is a great advantage in the present era of educational system


Sonu sir's guidance is very useful in choosing best careers suiting the students. Its a tuition center which will come out to be the best.


I had an exceptional experience with STC Education. Commendable faculty motivated every time to be a smart worker. Super eminent class & environment.


I am very grateful to be a part of ‘STC Classes’, the exquisite thrust it gave me to achieve my dream. It was only possible due to extravagant & extraordinary support of well professional teachers.



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Sonu sir
December 15, 2017

Explain about the Modern Agriculture

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